Thursday, February 7, 2008

What craft magazines can do for you.

I am very happy because I got 2 lovely, wonderful and awesome magazines subscriptions:


I have been looking around the internet, and OF COURSE, you can find free stuff but the good point of the magazine (apart from he fact that I adore books and magazines) is that you save a lot of time, and if you subscribe the right one you will get to know things you wouldn´t have looked for otherwise and can be interesting.

They are very inspirational and so packed with lovely things you just can read and re-read. Besides true crafters write in them, it is not like when you read an article in some other kind of magazine ... so everything you will find is going to be truly and well craft-oriented.

CRAFT is available in digital version, that is you can access to it throught the internet and it is much cheaper (26$ more or less, I can´t remember now). It gives you the possibility to share and send articles to your friend´s e-mails. And you can always save it, I did it in PDF using Adobe Primo, a freeware program that allows you to install ADOBE as a printer, so when you press print and choose ADOBE PRIMO as your printer you are saving the document in pdf. (I had to do that because the digital version allows you to share, but not to save as a whole.)

I am still waiting for this, as it is a printed version. But I will tell you as soon as I get it.

Conclusion: I absolute recommend CRAFT, and I am hooked on it already! I am sure Marei Claire is going to be excellent too! People speak wonderful things about it!

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Chu said...

Wow! yo también adoro las revistas y libros! Gracias por recomendar la revista Craft! revisaré a ver :). Espero que te llegue pronto la otra revista, que impaciente se pone uno eh? jo jo! un beso.