Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back to crafting

Hi again after a long long break.

I have been very busy lately, as I got a new job in a high school. It is very strange, because I have been wanting a job for such a long time, I just moved to the UK 7 months ago (in summer) and it has been difficult to get the "job thing" started. Finally it happend, and it is a good school .... but it happens to have some very badly organised departments (i.e. mine). I am struggling to get myself integrated, to catch up with the syllabus, understanding the many policies a school have (schools have many and every school is different). The kids are trying to test me, to see if I can put up with them or I leave. They want to see if I am what they call a "proper teacher", as if supply teachers were some other race or kind of teachers. I am covering a longish supply post, so in theory they should consider me a "proper teacher" (though I do not agree with the idea of it or the term itself).

The good thing to take out of these is that I have some good collegues, specially 2 of them, and every one outside my department seems to be very nice.


As for crafting, I haven´t had much time at all. When I come back I have to prepare my lessons for the next day and do my "home chores". nevertheless I have been stealing some time to craft a bit here and there, and this is the result of it.

These first pairs of earrings (lady bugs and cheetah print) have been partly made using material received from a swap from "bicos de nai". A lovely crafter and a wonderful and helping person. If you do not know her I advise you to vist her, she's got lovely things at very affordable prices. You can do it here:

The materials I´ve used: lampwork ladybugs, faceted beads, sequind.

This little whipped cream pies have been handmade by me in polymer clay, and I just added some green faceted beads for extracuteness.

Green lampwork ladybugs hanging from colourful wooden flowers.
I made these for my, but I still have material for another pair.

Well, I hope you liked it all and you drop in my etsy shop. Though I will have to uptade, as I haven´t been very into crafting.

Have a nice wednesday (I am going to bed now and will be up early :( )


Chu said...

Espero que logres desenvolvelter en el trabajo y que termine siendo algo super cotidiano y normal, no un trabajo. Con respecto a los zarcillos están preciosos, adorables, me parece lindo que aunque no hayas tenido tiempo hayas tenido aún asó un huequito para hacer algo, hermoso! un abrazo, mucha suerte!

Chu said...

Bueno... lo más sano es llegar hasta donde uno puede llegar :). Espero que se te alivie la cosa! un abrazo.

marge said...

como siempre espectacular!!!
no se puede decir mas
que eres una artistaza!!